150624 / Anima


@ Angelo Mai

> 24.06.2015 – 22:00 // Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 55a, Roma (RM)

w/ OU, Goga Mason

[light with color, felt-tip pen, microscope, Pd.. sound from bass, clarinet, drums, horn, saxophone, synthesizer, trumpet, vibraphone, voices]

« OU is finally amongst us, the news has come. The egg said to be an ancient thing, of distant origins. Others are convinced that OU comes from the far future, like a signal for our generation. Spotted at the circus, in a jazz club, in line at a mall during Christmastime, singing and laughing with a group of pygmies, partaking in a Thai cooking class; a collective burning desire is to hear that egg wail on ukulele in a teeny tiny bedroom… […] » [Ersilia Prosperi]


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