090430 / Psicoscillazioni*


@ Int. 4

> From 01 to 30.04.2009 // Via Martiri della Libertà 26, Serravalle – Vittorio Veneto (TV)

w/ A-F-D

[sound from drum computer, modular synthesizer and radio]

« PSICOSCILLAZIONI represents a psychic perception life of the body’s point of view. How can dance with internal synapses reference? Psicoscillazioni nears the more irrational dimension of our inside motion with rational and binary dimension, impost and accepted socially like a legislative poise. Analog filters hook up or tune of rhythmic impulse generated from drum synthesizer and matched or harmonize by radio frequency source. ..it’s defined by some as ‘tecno naturale’, or simply, ‘musica elettronica viva’! »



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