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@ Sill Frame, i linguaggi dell’animazione

> 25.02.2014 – 18:30 // Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa/Palazzetto Tito – Dorsoduro 2826, Venezia (VE)

w/ Video Animazioni Vive

[light from felt-tip pen, paper, watercolor.. sound from cymbal, drum computer, maracas, modular synthesizer and Anna Tarca’s Voice]

« My beloved Brontosaurus is a short film adaptation of the homonymous text by Brian Switek: The passage of 230 million years refers to one of the most arresting discoveries, overturning what in one respect dinosaurs are most famous for: their extinction. Dinosaurs evolved around 230 million years ago — presumably benefiting from the Permian mass extinction, only to become victims of the Cretaceous extinction, 66 million years ago.. »



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