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@ 15th International Congress of Endocrinology & 14th European Congress of Endocrinology (ICE – ECE)

> From 05 to 09.05.2012 // Fortezza da Basso – Piazza Adua 1, Firenze (FI)

w/ Chiara Olcese

[insights the Sound of Stress]

« Searching for links between neuroscience, endocrinology and music is not only interesting and curious – it may also be useful for medical treatment in the future. Our study shows that the frequency of sound can potentially affect a person’s cortisol levels, with higher frequencies raising production of this hormone. We now need to carry out further work to examine in more detail the medical implications of this work. I hope that people will become more aware of the power of sound and the unseen effects that it can have on the body… » [Chiara Olcese]



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