110701 / KMK


@ Kernel Festival 2011

> 01.07.2011 – 22:00 // Villa Tittoni Traversi, Desio (MB)

w/ Deltaprocess, Kimikova

[sound from drum computer, modular synthesizer, radio and sampler]

« Our intention is to show a form of audio-visual set based on a real-time interaction between the analog sounds of Kimikova’s live audio-performance and a 3d based video mapping. The research made in the past years about video-mapping has been based mainly on post-produced videos simply played on the surface of the facade, while we’re proposing a dynamical interaction which will be controlled as a live VJ-set.
The midi-mapping we want to propose is based on the interaction between the audio live-set of Kimikova, with a 3d video mapping of the facade. The experimental techno will be triggering, through each of the channels of the sequencers and synthesizers, a dynamic motion and extrusion of the sections of the building. This idea has been tested as a performance on the 14th of May 2011 in Modena, Itlaly. In this piece, we’ve extruded the model of the building in 3d and passed all the different bits to an interactive software that was controlling the motion via MIDI, mixed with video contents masked on the building. Our proposal would be an improvement and implementation of the already tested performance by a system of data connection, controlled as a VJ-set.



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